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Are you looking to outsource a project for you digital infrasructure? If so, this is the perfect package for you. We’ll manage your project with Makitect swag and  help you reach your goals.

Tell us about your project and we’ll design a plan just for you!

This Service Level is Best For

Companies looking to outsource a particular digital business project

Those who don’t have the skillset in house to launch a particular project

Companies with a clear desired outcome and a defined project scope

Companies struggling with connecting the dots in their digital infrastructure

Service Offerings

Email Nurture Programs

Set up automated nurture programs to get your prospects moving down your sales funnel.

Digital Interface Management

Be sure your employees see exactly what they need when they need it in your CRM interface.

Lead Notifications and Alerts

Notify your sales and marketing team from your CRM or Marketing Automation system so nothing slips through the cracks.

System User Training

Educate your team on how to operate and manage the new systems and processes in place.

CRM Reporting

Gain the insights you need to justify your marketing and sales efforts and receive full-circle reporting.

Automation Builds and Maintenance

Set up automated system activities like lead assignments, field updates, email notifications and more.

General CRM Administration

Take care of administrative tasks like licensing, user management, setup, on-boarding, and more.

Lead Activity Tracking

Track your lead activities every step of the way and followup when you know your leads are sales qualified.

Custom Field Management

Customize your lead profiles to give your employees the information unique to your business or industry.

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