Getting Started: How to Set Up A Data Driven Marketing Machine

Data Driven Marketing… What is it, how do you do it, and why is it important?

In this post I’ll cover all of this, plus some tips how to make sure your data-driven marketing machine is well-oiled and running in tip-top shape.

In short, data-driven marketing is using metrics to justify your marketing activities, but you probably already know that. So what is it really? Well, once justified, you can actually use the metrics gathered to continually guide your activities. So knowing what works goes a long way.

Building a marketing system that is 100% data driven is near impossible, but that’s not to say it’s not worth trying. Like any well-designed thing, you need to work from the ground up in order to achieve your goal. So, how do you do it? Start with what you want. If you want 100 new qualified leads that is where you start. Then put what you want through what I like to call, “a reality filter”. So what are the numbers that will get me close to what I want? (in the beginning there may be some guess work). So what percentage of leads that come into your system are actually qualified, as defined by you? Use that number to give you a more realistic goal. Lets say 70% of your leads become qualified. That means you’ll need to reach 143 leads (100/.7) to get your 100 qualified leads.

Pretty simple right? So what’s next? Now you ask the question, What will it take to get 143 leads? This is your campaign. X marketing dollars put into Y campaign should deliver Z leads. And THAT is data driven marketing. To be fair, it’s not always that simple, but this is the framework you use to justify your marketing spend and guide your efforts and activities. That’s why having a robust marketing automation infrastructure that tracks metrics, manages campaigns, and delivers leads to your sales team is so important in marketing and business operations today.

Now, this is only half of the picture. In a future post you’ll read about closing the gap between your marketing efforts and sales efforts, through a similarly robust CRM infrastructure, which ties revenue to your marketing efforts and strengthens reporting abilities in your organization.

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